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FIS students

Flandreau Indian School Chaplaincy Program serves the students and staff of Flandreau Indian School by providing:

  • Biblically-based, Christ-centered spiritual guidance and pastoral care for those who seek it;
  • Community-building, social activities;
  • Faith-based programs including worship services, Bible studies, and opportunities for service and ministry;
  • Assistance in meeting critical needs on and off campus; and
  • A connection between the school and local region. 

FIS Chaplaincy is financially independent from the school operation and is fully funded through donations from corporations, denominational entities, churches, civic groups and individuals. Thanks to that support, the Chaplaincy has continued an ongoing partnership with the Flandreau Indian School for over 75 years offering weekly, large group activities, hosting special events for students and staff, and providing ecumenical worship services each Sunday. 

Flandreau Indian School Chaplaincy Program is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Donations to the ministry are considered a charitable contribution for tax purposes.

History of Flandreau Indian School

History of FIS Chaplaincy Program

Leadership & Staff


Board of Directors


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